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The Hide safari camp is home to some of Zimbabwe’s most skilled bush guides. Enclave were commissioned to create a branded documentary highlighting their role in the protection of Africa’s wild spaces.

Filmed over the course of ten days on The Hide’s private concession in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, We The Guides is a portrait of three of the camp’s top safari guides and how they see themselves as conservationists and protectors of Africa’s wild spaces and the animals that inhabit it.

Situated on the edge of Hwange National Park, which made headlines in 2015 as home to Cecil the lion, this film was designed to position The Hide as a world class luxury safari destination and a key player in the conservation narrative in Africa, an issue of particular significance to camps such as this which border the National Park.

Having worked with the Hide on two previous occasions to create their brand destination films, Enclave were excited to return to Hwange to create this inspiring film, on a topic that bares enormous importance to the team. To be released alongside their brand films on social media and on their website, the film has been hugely popular with guests both new and old.