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Think Small


think small


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End to End

Enclave accompanied Earnest on a two week journey to speak to small business owners across the UK. The result, a catalogue of films and photographs to help B2B marketers make more meaningful connections with small businesses.

Born out of a joint study between Earnest and Imperial College London, Think Small was devised to enhance understanding of what small businesses really need to succeed in the current economic climate and to change how big businesses interact with them.

The Trip was a two week journey across the UK to uncover the real stories behind these businesses and to develop insights and resources for B2B marketers to better sell to small independent companies. As a part of this trip, Enclave created a campaign film, nine company profile films and a suite of photographs to help Earnest illustrate their findings and to use as the basis for their award winning micro-site


Impact + Successes

Off the back of this campaign, Earnest have been featured in The Drum, established a partnership with B2B Marketing magazine and won numerous awards, including Best Micro Site at the ACE Marketing awards in New York.