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Save the Rhino + Frankfurt Zoological Society


End to End

Enclave joined Save the Rhino out in Zambia to create a collection of films and photographs to raise vital funds for their annual appeal, Education Against Extinction.

North Luangwa Conservation Programme and Frankfurt Zoological Society spearhead a rhino re-introduction programme in the remote North Luangwa National Park, Zambia, to reinstate black rhino which were previously driven to extinction by rampant poaching. A key part of this process is enabling future generations within local communities to learn about the value of wildlife and the benefits which can come from conserving it, in the hope that species loss remains a thing of the past.

The Lolesha Luangwa conservation eduction initiative aims to teach young people about flagship species like the black rhino thorough class-based lessons and field trips into the National Park, to encourage positive long-term environmental action. As one of the key donors to this project Save the Rhino International selected this programme as the focus of their Christmas Appeal, to raise funds for more children to be enrolled onto the eduction scheme and to continue the development of educational materials and facilities in and around the National Park.

We used the colourful palette of the education centre and school uniforms as the basis to our look for the campaign and to convey, with playful innocence, the enjoyment experienced by the young people taking part in the initiative, which at times is juxtaposed against the more serious nature of the programme’s backdrop.



Social media interactions across all platforms underpinned the success of this campaign, which raised thousands for the education programme

To enable this success, we created content which was sharable online via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We delivered a shortened appeal film in addition to the main longer form appeal film and created three specific short edits focused around activities at the education centre in North Luangwa National Park. These were aimed at showing potential donors the types of activities their donations would fund, in a fun, colourful and energetic way.


Impact + Successes

Published online via social media to over 320,000 followers, sent out to a database of over 10,000 supporters and warm contacts, and broadcast at large fundraising events, this collection of films and photos were key to the campaigns far reaching impact.