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Real Techniques


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Anthony Lucas DOP

Real Techniques is an established sustainable brush brand built around youtube celebrities Sam and Nic Chapman. Working with creative agency and production house; The Outfit, we directed Real Techniques’ latest television and online commercial, The Power.

Sam and Nic have made a career by bringing professional make-up tools and techniques into the personal make-up world. This film sat at the centre of a campaign that was designed to make the user feel empowered by these tools. Our brief was to create a commercial that captures the essence of The Power, whilst feeling like a visceral view into the behind the scenes of a photo shoot.

For us, it was all about giving the talent room to have as much fun with the camera as possible. It was great being able to work in a totally instinctive and spontaneous way whilst maintaining stunning beauty lighting thanks to Director of Photography Anthony Lucas. For our main set up we used an Arri Alexa Mini on a handheld rig which gave us the ability to freely push our compositions right into the corners of the frame; we then used rough, grainy footage out of a GoPro in order to get a more interactive, self-filmed feel.