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Our 100 Year Story


Our 100 Year Story


Cottar’s Safari Service


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As the oldest safari service in Africa, family owned since 1919, it was important for this collection of films to retain the character and charm associated with the history of the company, whilst at the same time forging a contemporary and stylish identity for brand.

Each film centres around a particular element or service at Cottar’s 1920s Camp in the Masai Mara, with a strong focus on its progressive and pioneering stance on conservation and responsible tourism, which underpins the company’s ethos. The final film in the series, ‘Fast Forward’ is a direct address to guests past and present to become a part of the Cottar’s Club, an initiative created to raise funds to secure more land for wildlife.

Enclave were given privileged access to the Cottar family archives, revealing unique footage of the family dating back to the early twentieth century. The use of this footage has created a powerful and historically contextual foundation to the Our 100 Year Story collection. When combined with contemporary cinematic footage, the Cottar family story is brought up to present day and even beyond, with a number of films looking towards the ‘Future of Conservation’ and the safari industry’s role within this important global narrative.

For online release throughout the year and social media seeding, the Our 100 Year Story collection of films includes a 90” brand documentary, three 60” micro documentaries and seven 30” shorts aimed at reconnecting with current audiences and generating new leads particularly amongst a younger demographic.


The Guide • 60” • Branded Doc

The Maasai • 60” • Branded Doc

The Future of Conservation • 30” • Branded Doc

Into the Wild • 30” • Branded Doc

Fast Forward • 30” • Interview

Pioneering the Safari • 60” • Branded Doc

The Responsible Safari • 30s • Branded Doc

The Camp • 30” • Branded Doc

Team Cottar • 30” • Branded Doc

The Villa • 30” • Branded Doc