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African Dream Team




As a child Malefetsane Lesofe dreamt of becoming a professional cyclist on the world stage. But when his mother died and his father fell ill, Malefetanse was forced to leave school to care for his father. Desperate to change his fortunes and that of his family, he soon realised that cycling would offer his only chance at a better life.

African Dream Team tells the story of 23 year old Malefetsane Lesofe (Fets), a professional cyclist from the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. Ever since he was a Boy, Fets dreamt of representing his country as a professional cyclist. But growing up in a small village on the outskirts of the capital Maseru, in a country with an average life expectancy of just 50 years, Fets, like many of his peers would have to overcome huge obstacles and family tragedy to succeed in his ambitions.

Now a member of Africa’s only UCI accredited mountain bike team, The African Dream Team, ranked amongst the top 35 in the world, Fets has transformed his life and that of his family through competing internationally across Africa and at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

For more information about the team: http://africandreamteam.net/