We make documentaries.

Enclave began its story in Southern Africa in 2014. It was here that Tristan Vince and Claudia Baxter started working together as a filmmaking team for natural history channels National Geographic and Animal Planet, before making a name for themselves producing branded documentaries for tourism companies and NGOs across Africa. Today, Enclave works with clients and channels across the globe to create purpose-driven films.

Born out of a desire to tell inspiring stories about real people and the natural world, we don’t define ourselves by the types of film we make, but by the way in which we approach storytelling and the values that underpin our work.

Our clients to date include high-profile charities, television channels, tourist boards and international brands such as: Visit Britain, National Geographic, Animal Planet, CNN, Red Bull TV, Save the Rhino, Cottar’s Safari Service, Thomson Holidays (TUI), Greenpeace, LinkedIn.

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